Tiffany Woodfield

Financial Advisor


Tiffany Woodfield specializes in advising clients who live both in Canada and the United States and have IRAs/401ks or RRSPs/TFSAs or who have inherited money across the US/Canada border.

Working with a dual Canada/USA licensed advisor means clients don’t have to liquidate their U.S. brokerage accounts or 401k’s/IRA’s or Canadian RRSPs. Tiffany can consolidate your accounts to have them all with one advisory team no matter on which side of the border you live.

Tiffany works for and is regulated by Raymond James Ltd. (Canada) and Raymond James (USA) Ltd.

Tiffany and John Woodfield are co-founders of SWAN Wealth Management of Raymond James, and lead a team that specializes in the transition and management of financial assets for people who have accumulated wealth they need protected.

Proper structure protects the tax deferred or exempt status of the investments and keeps clients on side with the multiple and often complicated regulations. Cross- border issues such as PFIC rules regarding the treatment of foreign trusts, like mutual funds or Tax Free Savings Accounts (TFSAs), can quickly be remedied by utilizing the processes developed by the SWAN team.

As part of the service, Tiffany works with Portfolio Managers, and U.S and Canadian Certified Financial Planners (CFPs) to provide a comprehensive financial plan that takes into consideration the tax and planning ramifications of U.S and Canadian assets and benefits. Also, Tiffany works with a network of cross border lawyers and accountants to ensure her clients have a cohesive team in their corner.

Tiffany and John have created something truly unique. John is a portfolio manager with 26 years’ experience who utilizes a team of sub-managers within Raymond James. Tiffany’s licensing, vast network of professionals and her unique expertise bring a whole new level of protection to cross-border clients. As a team, SWAN clients can be sure that all facets of their financial life are covered, enabling them to sleep very well at night.

When she is not working, Tiffany enjoys the outdoors, skiing and training for her next triathlon. She lives in Kelowna, BC with her husband John and twin boys Carson and West.